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Self-service check-outs can STFU



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    Infinite. wrote: »
    I'm glad that website exists so that empty headed twats can gather in the same place and spew their garbage thoughts up there rather than on the rest of the internet where I might stumble across it.

    How much of a shit brain do you have to be to not process the idea that OF COURSE YOU WILL BE ID'ed at a self service checkout?

    Also, saying "a snobby, unreasonable wench" then calling the staff zombified because that don't race over so that he can buy some beer is a bit fucking rich.

    I guess I should have expected something like that from a self confessed 'stand up poet'. And fuck me, the hair and shirt in the picture don't exactly scream TASTE.

    Clearly I got out of bed on the wrong side this morning but fuck that guy. I hope a giant digital fist grows out of the next self service till he goes near and punches him in the eye and then asks if he needs assistance as he slumps to the floor burbling poetry.

    heh heh :D
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