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Young Achievers Award

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As promised I said I'd write about it :) so here we are.

I received an Email around February time (I think) saying I've won the Young Achievers Community Award and thought "Oh my god Amazeballs" I didn't think much of it until I got more Emails telling me about the event, Which made me extremely Excited like a little child in a sweet shop!

During the day of the Awards I got up at daftoclock in the morning after only going to sleep for 2 hours and dreaming about killer pizza. (Scary stuff). I made my way onto the train ready to start my day of excitement and celebrations. Well, that’s how I had planned it in my head. An announcement 30 minutes into the train journey to inform us that the reason the train was shaking violently and smelling of burning was because of a malfunction with the train. I thought, I was about to die.

After a dramatic train ride I arrived at the train station and met charlotte, Charlotte was meeting me to help stop me from getting lost although she ended up getting us both lost.
We sat down in a room ready for some introductions and some games so everyone could get to know each other, the games where fun we had to do one truth one lie and say them and everyone had to guess which one was the lie, Mine was “I have a twin sister, I have 12 siblings”

After the warm up game we did some more things including learning more about people and how they had become a runner up or a winner which was really good, everyone sounded amazing. It was amazing to see what they had done.

The next part, the challenge. You might have read inThis Thread . A little bit about the challenge, but basically me and a group of other people had 2 hours to get the word out about volunteering to as many people as possible we we’re allowed £10 and one phone call. So my team decided to start of twitter thread #SlamdunkIncredible which was really fun, we went around the freezing cold streets of London to get people to tweet it, wrote it on Facebook, the boards and other means of sites we had access too.

After the Challenge, was lunch, Followed by CEREMONYYYYYYYYYYYY. Oh my god, I was so excited, I walked in with Rachel and Andy and put on a name label which I happened to rip in half to take my last name off ;). Socializing time, I spoke to a few people, was congratulated and shook and high fived a few people! I kept smiling all day leading in cheek bone ache, we we’re all given a blue piece of paper that had a short bio about why we’d been nominated. Mine said the following

“Emily became a young carer aged 6 when her father was diagnosed with Cancer, At the same time she was being severely bullied at school, Sadly Emily lost 3 close friends to suicide due to bullying and in their memory set up a youth Centre for young people who have been bullied or considered suicide. She aims to provide a space where young people can socialize and make new, supportive friends, Emily, through the youth Centre and her work as a cyber-mentor has raised awareness of suicide and mental health”.

Makes me sound like a good girl reading that ;). Throughout the award ceremony the trustee’s read out other Bio’s that had been written about us and presented us with the awards, and certificates. We found out that we get “Money can’t buy prizes” for those who won, and everyone gets a year long support package to help us with future and/or current projects we’re focusing on.

Afterwards I was asked by somebody if I’d like to speak on the Radio about the awards and about my experiences, I agreed and give contact details, how amazing though? I had a really good day and had my photo take about 80 million times.

The train ride home...had free teles on…and I spent the rest of the day having ‘What have you done today to make you feel proud’ (Miranda Voice) stuck in my head.
Can’t wait to hear what happens in the future: D


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