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Any fitness tips and fundraising ideas for charity!?

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So...madly I have decided to sign up for Moonriders 2013 in aid of a charity called "Stamp Out Suicide!" - It is an overnight cycle ride from London-Brighton so approx 60 miles-ish!

Any advice from those of you, who have trained for long distance fitness-y things would be very much appreciated? I have heard that your not supposed to actually cycle 60 miles in training but should be looking at being comfortable to cycle around 45-50 miles..not sure how true this is??

Also any fundraising tips would be greatly appreciated as I have to raise a minimum of £300! I have planned - sponsorship posters and forms, a JustGiving page, a raffle, a bake sale, possibly a ladies night, a tea and cake afternoon...

I am taking part with two other family members so between us we need to raise £900! :eek2:


  • ReenaReena Fanatical Poster Posts: 1,375 Fanatical Poster
    No good with the fitness stuff hun, but I like charity fundraisers.
    Here are some ideas:

    A silent (or normal) auction -you could auction off donated items, or charge a small fee for each item and they keep the rest

    Bag packer (ask a local super market 1st) -help people with their shopping and if they feel generous make a donation

    Comedy night/ open mic night/ karaoke -people pay to participate/ pay to get in

    Guess the teddy's name

    How many sweets in the jar?

    Chocolate tombola -or any kind of tombola you like

    Higher or lower game -playing cards (A4 size would be best) get to the end by guessing each card to win

    Pub quiz -entry fee

    Games e.g. coconut shy/ target/ tins -if you were making a day of it

    How quick can you get all the balls from one box to the other? -quickest wins -doesn't have to be balls

    Danceathon -sponsored zumba perhaps

    How many t-shirts can you get on in a minute? -most in a minute wins -doesn't have to be t-shirts (: can be big granny pants

    Sexy cops! -guys/ girls pay to be hand-cuffed to a sexy cop for 10 minutes (not real cops, that would be a misuse of resources) (:

    Hope that helps xx :yippe:
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