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Body bashing

louisa982louisa982 Thesite.org oldiePosts: 285 The Mix Regular
Alot of people nowadays body bash. its topic starter. you will be having coffee or sitting down for a bite to eat or getting a book from the library and a someone will say "i have gained so much weight". Naturally you will join in and say something about your legs . Its so sad how there are so many girls that hate there body, so many with eating disorders. I am not perfect, i can't sit in front of a mirror and be proud of anything.I can sit there crying for a few hours, comparing myself to more prettier , skinnier people in my class. Today's society is messed up, it shouldn't matter about your size but i guess they point of this blog is your beautiful no matter what!

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if your a size 2
if your a size 4
if your a size 6
if your size 8
if your size 10
if your size 12
if your size 14
if your size 16
if your size 18
if your size 20
if your size 22
if your size 24
if your size 26
if your size 28
if your size 30
if your size 32
if your size 34
if your size 36 +

It doesn't matter what size you are...we are all human beings with feelings. People shouldn't treat other people differently because of there size or looks. Just because someone is skinny doesn't mean they don't have problems or that there the only ones you can be friends with. Don't change for ANYONE. The only time you should change is when you want too and if youre 100% sure. Don't get into this body bashing. your AMAZING! - louisa982


  • ReenaReena Fanatical Poster Posts: 1,375 The Mix Regular
    You are so right hun. And don't forget you're amazing too. xx
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Great post, Louisa.
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I don't ever find myself saying someone is too fat/thin or whatever...I do privately critise people's clothing choices though :(
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