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I have over 100 keloid scars due to self harm and now that i am older i would like to reduce/hide my scars as best as i can. They run all the way down my left arm, on the outside and on the inside. They are raised and about an inch long. I have been to my doctors but they are aweful and useless so i need some other type of help. I have tried Bio-Oil And scar make-up with no luck and recently my doctor gave me silicone sheets that i am to wear over my scars but unfortunetly, they are very unconfortable and itchy so they are a no go. I have been trying to do research on the internet but i am not getting very far.

I understand that i may have to go private as the NHS is not giving out treatments anymore but that is okay. I wake up every day and feel hideous, i'm 19 and i am constantly covered up. I feel ashamed and very embaressed, not about the s/h, just about the scars.

If anyone can give me some kind of advice on treatments, cost of treatments, their experiances and what hepled them, i would be utterly grateful.


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