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Self harm and CAMHS initial assesment?

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What is an assesment like? What should I expect to happen? My mum wants me to go because i self harm. Thats all she sees really. The reason why I'm going is because I self harm, I fell depressed all the time, and I get a lot of suicidal thoughts.
I'm a 15 year old girl.
I'm really scared and I actually don't want to go. :'( But I do want help. Do they help or are they not that good?
What kind of questions do you think they'll ask me?
Would they ask to see my arms?
Would I be able to go into the meeting on my own, without my mum. I find it harder to talk about things with my mum there.
Any tips to make it barable?

Also, does anyone know how I can make my mum understand self harm? I've tried talking to her and all she does is shout at me and get angry. She's known about my self harm for over a year so she's had time to understand it. She just yells at me whenever she hears anything about it.

Another thing. How should I deal with people asking questions in p.e when wearing short sleeves. I wore a hoodie before but now I'm going to have a different teacher and she won't allow it because its not part of the uniform. They cover the whole of my arms so there's no point wearing wrist bands, and I've tried putting makeup on my cuts.

Also, I'm trying to stop. I haven't cut for 2 days. (Yay!) I normally have about 3 or 4 cutting "episodes" a day. So any tips to help me?
Replacing it with other things like ice or elastic bands doesn't work for me. :/


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    Hello Billierard :wave:

    First of all, it's NOT as scary is it may sound. I've have a lot of initial and risk assessments done by them.
    They're really helpful if you tell them exactly how you feel at the assessment - if you hide a few things, the help they'll offer you may not be as useful to you, as it may have been if you told them most things.

    They'll ask you how long you've been feeling like this for.
    They may ask what might be causing you to feel like this.
    If a parent/carer is going with you - they may ask for there input as well.

    They'll ask simple questions to get a background of you. Once they've finished the questions, they'll then decide what would be the best course of treatment for you.

    They may ask to see your arms, but remember - it's up to you if you show them to him/her. They'd understand if you didn't want to show your arms to them.

    Your mum may have to come to the initial assessment with you, but after that you can ask if you can have 5 minutes alone, to which you could ask her if you can have 1 to 1 sessions, as you find it difficult talking in front of your mum.

    Tips: Be honest, and open minded. Don't judge the place before you get there. You're taking a big step to getting better, and you should be very proud of yourself!

    Hmm, tricky one, I think your mum is finding it difficult to understand WHY you self harm, maybe you could let her look through this link: http://www.thesite.org/healthandwellbeing/mentalhealth/selfharm/whatisselfharm

    Can you wear a cardigan? Or a long sleeved t-shirt underneath?

    Congratulations on trying to stop! I wrote a discussion about self harm distraction which you can find here.

    I hope this helps a little?
    Best wishes my lovely, let us know how you get on! *hug*
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