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haveing a op

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I have not been well for weeks now. So I went the doctors on friday just gone. They thought it was a bug so they give me tablets to take. Iam still got they same sintums being sick bad headacke and lods of orthers things now they cont find what it is that is carseing to have them sintums. I have to have lods test done and they said if they cont find what corseing me to be so ill then I have to go for a op to see what it is that makeing me soo ill then I have to have a op and iam soo scared and worried. It will me my first time haveing it. They said it last time so they found it and now they said I will if they don't find it this time. Now iam getting more ill thinking about it. Iam soo stressed. I don't want to be like this anymore. I don't want the op but I want to be better. Also iam worred about been put to sleep beause I don't like needles. My mum dosnt know dosnt know weather now the time to tell her and I don't want want her to worry about me even more. Iam in a darkroom in the cornor culed up in a ball in tears don't know what to do. Iam just pankoing and stressed at the moment and iam makeing it worse by stressing

Needs ways to cope and to stay carm. Needs lods of hugs now *hug*:banghead::crying:


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    Sorry to hear that hun. :(
    It's really important they find out what's causing you to be ill, and if it were me, I would tell my mother. I think she would be even more worried at the fact you didn't tell her, and you need some real hugs, not just cyber ones.

    I don't really know what to suggest about calming down. :chin: Have you tried listening to relaxing music? Or breathing techniques? What about distracting yourself by doing something with your hands? Making something? Like a friendship bracelet, homemade card or even using a stress ball. Do you think any of those might help?

    Mega hugs hun xx. *hug* :heart: *hug* :heart: *hug*
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