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What route do you take? - Help us map out user journeys!

*Seany**Seany* Moddin'Posts: 51

Here at TheSite.org Towers, we're doing some work to understand what routes people take to get to the information they need. So, for instance, if you wanted advice on the best things to take to a festival - where on TheSite.org would you look, and what route would you take to get there?

We've worked with a partner to put together a tool that helps us work this out. It doesn't take very long to complete, and you could be in with a chance to win up to £50 in Amazon vouchers as a thankyou for helping us out.

Take a look at this series of scenarios, and then just click the buttons that most accurately represent where you'd look for information about that scenario. You don't have to complete them all if you don't want to!

Thanks guys - we really appreciate it, and it'll help us improve TheSite.org in the coming months (yay!).


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