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C4 Ecstasy Live

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Anyone watching? First study of its kind... Interesting :)


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    I didn't watch last nights episode (it's recorded) but I watched the first one, it's so interesting! I personally have done ecstacy but didn't feel much of it's effects because I was on other things too. If it can help with depression and PTSD then i'm all for it, anything to rid these beautiful people from their pain. :yes:
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    I watched it too and thought it was interesting, but again. I think it'd be very hard to use it for people with these conditions. I know they thought about using Mephedrone/MDMA for Social Phobia, and anxiety disorders. But i know, if they gave me these for my social phobia. I guess they'd give you a month prescription, you collect it and you take a pill a day... (Just an idea), but i could just see me taking them all in an evening, going on a mental rave. And then being on a downer for the rest of the month.

    MDMA has got to be the single best cure for depression, I've ever used. I've taken it twice in my life, and the last time i took it. It changed everything for me, i'd just come out of long relationship, i was severely upset/depressed for time. One night out, one gram of MDMA, i had the most surreal experience. And the dreams i had that night, were just something i honestly cannot explain - they were out of this world. Next day, i woke up happy and ever since I've just been happy, or meh. But never depressed. (I had depression for 4 years prior to this). It was completely life changing for me.

    Although it's side effects? How will they manage them? MDMA is like extreme Viagra for me..

    EDIT: The first time i used MD, was before i was depressed...
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    Mephedrone for social phobia? Wut! That would be a horrific idea, meph is way to bad for your health to be used for anything like that.
    I can totally see where MDMA would be useful, though. I doubt it will ever become a main stream things though, especially in the UK. The government wont allow it, i'm sure.
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