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Patriarchy or feminism to blame for male oppression?



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    I think the root of the patriarchal system, without which there would be no need for feminism, is religion. Our society is still trying to throw off the yokes of religion, which ensconced men in power and is a perfect tool to subjugate women. Women just want to claim back their equality with men. If it hurts male pride along the way, so be it. Women have had a tough time for thousands of years.


    Yes, it's always about power, it human nature to want to be able to have "the power" and I think if look back to the suffrage period it was very much about having responsibility - of oneself, your children, property (divorce was legal but children and any possessions remained property of the husband). I think now it's about the responsibility that comes with managing people/money/etc that especially high ranking business women not only want but appreciate. I don't think very many women in those kind of positions take where they have got to for granted.
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