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Going back downhill...

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I feel like rubbish.
Things have been getting better, the last few weeks havent been as bad as usual. but today my maths teacher shouted and got really angry with me, and i usually wouldnt get upset, usually i would just brush it off and get on with my work but today i felt myself starting to cry so i walked out. As soon as i got out of the room i broke down in tears and couldnt speak, so i rang my mum and she told reception where i was . Im never usually this emotional but i recently had an appointment with my doctor and i think i just snapped, i just dont know what is going on in my head at the moment and i think i need to figure out what is wrong with me. i feel like i physically cant be happy at the moment and i told my mum and the doctor that i havent been having suicidal thoughts but i realised that im not disturbed or hesitant with the thought of suicide.


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    Hey LouiseL923 :heart:

    Sorry you've had a rubbish day.

    You start by saying things have been getting better. Not to dismiss how you are feeling today, but remember it might just be a bump on the road to feeling better.

    What did your doctor say to you when you went the other day? Did they offer any advice or guidance on what you've been experiencing?

    Its a positive point that your able to speak to your mum about what you've been experiencing. It can be difficult with parents, but its a good sign that you are as open with her as you can be.

    Offloading and opening up about the feelings you've been experiencing can be a great help.

    If you're after confidential advice or to hear a voice of support, you could always try Support Line on 01708 765200, where someone would be able to offer advice or comfort regarding how things are going at the minute.

    Keep in touch and let us know how you get on. There's always someone here to listen.

    Ps, you'll find more info on Support Line on there website below...


    Phil *hug*
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    My doctor gave me a questiare to fill out there an she told me that my mum should speak to '4YP' as i got rejected by CAMS. she also referred me back to CAMS as they said to if i started developing depression which ive had for months now. thanks for the help i do appreciate it (:
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    Please don't be so critical of yourself; you certainly don't deserve to! It isn't your fault that you began crying despite what you might think, or feel. It can often be quite overwhelming sometimes, and I know that you'll have thought about controlling your urge to cry but sometimes it too can be helpful.

    It's a natural reaction to what I often think isn't a natural situation; being shouted at isn't helpful to anybody so you shouldn't feel ashamed of yourself! You've said that you're not disturbed or uncomfortable about having thoughts of suicide. Do you know why it is? How often do you have these thoughts?
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