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Since I'm tired..this is going to be a babbel about sleeping

I have a really horrible sleeping pattern. I'd love t be able to get 4 hours a night but it just doesn't happen. I stay a wake everynight till about 5 doing nothing..watching films on a few chat/help sites or reading pointless rubbbish.

Anyways, So About 5am I'd lay down and about 5:30 I'd be asleep..I did this everynight before college too..So I'd be up again at 6-6:30 for college. I'd go college and because I have ADD it makes it hard for me to stay focused. Well, not sleeping makes it even harded..My brains like mush. My memorys is well...whats my name again? I'm accident prone. It's ruining my life..Sometimes I don't go to sleep at all..and I'll be awake nights...I was once awake 68 hours straight before an exam...I wrote my name and fell asleep..Failed the exam.

I wanna be able to have more energy. I'm constantly ill or just feeling ill Im exhausted. My bodys exhausted...

I want sleep:banghead::banghead: Ta..


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    Hello Emmalee :wave:

    Firstly, could you be suffering with depression? If you think you may be, then best have a chat with your GP about some treatment for it.

    If you have a sleep disorder due to an over-active mind, i.e. as soon as you try to sleep your mind starts running over all sorts of things, then learning to relax your mind and take more control of your thoughts may well help.

    This book explains how you can get more control over your thinking, and it contains an eight-week course and a CD with a series of exercises.


    Another thought is that if you have some specific issues that are really bothering you and occupying your thoughts when trying to sleep, then some counselling might help you to reconcile any problematic issues. Sorting out things during the day, can make a big difference to what happens at night.

    Also, sometimes, writing down repetitive thoughts and concerns in a diary or a ledger can help to compartmentalise them, and make it easier to ‘put them down’ for a while. Your mind knows that the issues are still ‘on the agenda’ and so won’t get lost or forgotten, and so you (your mind at a subconscious level) can feel it’s ok to let go for a period and come back to them later on.

    Finally, research using the latest state-of-the-art brain-scanning methods shows that processing your thoughts by putting them into words is quite different from processing them in your head. So if you have a lot of stuff whizzing around in your mind, then just talking to someone about it can make a difference.

    I really think the above book could help you with this. My guess is that you won’t find learning the techniques easy - it’s one of those things where the more you need something, the harder it is to achieve it. Because you have such an active mind, it will fight against any attempts to train it to relax. But if you persist with the exercises in the book, then you will make progress in a ‘slow-but sure’ way.

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