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Missing period

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Firstly sorry for being absent for like 2 years but I had no idea where else to look for advice. I've been on the pill since I was 15, didn't miss any in this months pack but still no period. I'm now 21 and about to sit my last ever uni exam (i am aware this could be a stress factor responsible for my missing period) but since my period is absent I can't get my brain sorted to sit down and study properly. I'm doing a pregnancy test later but I'm so scared that if I am pregnant, itll ruin my chances in this exam meaning I wont graduate with a 2:1. How can I put it outta my mind, either way so I can focus on getting my degree finished? X


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    There is a stress factor there. Take the test, but there's no reason why being pregnant would affect your taking the exam. There's plenty of time to get everything sorted out. So just relax, and focus on your final exam.
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    What she said.

    It's very very likely that exam stress will be the cause, do the test and rule the worry out of your mind,

    Worst case, and it comes back positive then you'll still be worried - but at least you'll know what you're worrying about, and dealing with that can be put to the side until after you've done the exam. Won't be clear of your head completely but better than the constant 'what ifs' that are going around your head at the moment.
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    Hiya Theif! It’s great that even after 2 years away you still feel able to come back for support, it’s good to see you again! :wave:

    The exam period and especially your final year at uni can be very stressful times in your life, so it’s completely normal to be feeling a bit nervous at this stage and this anxiety may well be playing a part in your missing period. Have you tried some relaxation techniques, such as having a nice hot bath, listening to your favourite music or going out for a walk? I know at this time it can be tempting to just work, work work for your exams, but it’s also important to take regular breaks to de-stress and give you more energy to tackle the revision with a clear mind. The Open University Website has some great advice on how to manage your revision and deal with stress, with some useful tips on relaxation techniques, visualisation and positive thinking to help get you through exams.

    I agree with Fiend-85 and Scary Monster that it would be a good idea to take a pregnancy test to rule it out and put your mind at rest. It may be an idea to make an appointment to see your doctor and get checked over as well just in case there is something else causing your missed period. Or you could call NHS Direct (0845 4647) for some quick and confidential advice. Here at Thesite we have an article on the common causes of missed periods which may help you to clarify the cause of yours, however, if in doubt always see your doctor.

    I hope this helps. Good luck with the exams!
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