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'something will come up'??

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This is what everyone keeps telling me but the anxiety has crept in because we can afford this month's rent and just make the bills but no idea what we can do next month.

I've been belatedly rejected by Asda after ringing today and asking what the outcome of my interview/work trial is. They hadn't thought to let me know I'd been unsuccessful despite being met with great feedback during the interview from everyone. I was rejected by KFC a few weeks ago and yesterday I was rejected by Maccy D's after yet another work trial which seemed to be going well until I got to 'try out' behind the grill. A dyspraxic's person worst nightmare.

Emailing my CV to a lot of places. No response at all even after putting in what they can see is a lot of effort into my application.

I was in tears earlier because I have made this mess up. I deferred from my MA in Social Work course thereby 'deferring' from my NHS funded bursary which we were using to get by. My boyfriend has a decent enough job but not enough to pay for us completely.

To make it more annoying he's on around 20k a year which as I live with him we arent deemed worthy of any financial assistance. I've been to CAB whose response was 'it's hard innit?' was dismal.

A few weeks ago I went to my GP who put me on a list for counselling. I hadn't chased it up because my low feelings seemed to resolve itself. But I came back on Monday from seeing my sick gran in Hull and she died while I was there. The funeral is Monday coming. Everything just feels awful and I'm finding it hard to 'ping back' from so many rejections or just stony faced silences from potential employers.

I organised a meeting with a Connexions advisor tomorrow who apparently specialises in learning difficulties. (even though it's a service for 14-19 year olds, they still assist people upto the age of 25 if they have a learning difficulty). It sounds horrible but some of the jobs I have been applying for (Maccy D, KFC, Asda working in the Bakery) I know that I could do given the chance. But on work trials I just look like a struggling retard and I know why. I do disclose dyspraxia but they want someone who can just do the job from the start off. Obviously not someone who will put the effort in long term to learn the ropes.

I realise I'm up 'shit creek' and there's nothing we can do. I just had to type this down and I'm boycotting my local Co op. A few months ago they rejected me on the basis that although I was 2nd choice, I didn't have enough experience even though the interviewer said that they offer a decent amount of training and all the complaints about that store are because of poor customer service. Everytime I go in there the cashier doesnt even say hello back to me and just talks to their colleagues. Why cant I get a job but those 'experienced' idiots can

Bitter and twisted. Me?


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    If you think your trial at McD's went well up until working in the kitchen (and honestly, I couldn't get the hang of the kitchen either and I was there for a long fucking time), ask them if you can have a go at being a Customer Care Assistant. It's a bit more menial (they're the ones you see clearing tables and whatnot) but it might work more with your dyspraxia? A fair few of the people who started out just in that position then went on to being trained on tills/kitchen so it's not like you'd be stuck there permanently if you felt confident enough.

    I think it pays better, as well. Don't quote me on that, though.

    Worst they can do is say no, and they've done that already, and this would be an enquiry rather than an actual application - I know I'd find it easier to deal with "I'm sorry, we don't have an opening for that role" than not getting a job I know exists.
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    Hey clementine,

    From what you've said I can see that there's an awful lot going on for you at the moment but in amongst it all you've actually found the strength to go to job interviews, keep emailing off your CVs, get to your GP to talk about counselling and make an appointment with a Connexions advisor. You should give yourself a pat on the back actually for taking control and doing everything you can to better your situation. It's no wonder that when you're faced with disappointment on the work front that you're going to feel gutted and maybe like all this hard work just isn't coming to anything. You're more than entitled to feel that way, life can be a bitch sometimes and it's nothing personal :banghead:

    How did Monday go? I hope that you managed to take the time out for the funeral, big hugs and you know our thoughts are with you *hug*

    In terms of the counselling I'd say it's more than natural to put it off when you're not feeling as low, it can feel like 'well, what's the point I'm fine now'. It's important to recognise that need for some support though if you're finding that when things do get hard that those really low feelings keep coming back. Even if when you do get some counselling you're in a good place you can still talk through how it feels when the low moods come around and hopefully find some new ways to help you cope better.

    I'm glad you typed this all out, it's definitely worth getting it all out of your brain sometimes to take the pressure off and clarify things in your own mind. How did the meeting with the Connexions advisor go? Was it useful?

    Hang in there :heart:
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    thanks jo :)

    my connexions advisor was really nice and still saw me despite it being up till your 25th birthday which i didn't realise. she gave me some good layout ideas for my cv and i spruced it up and got back on the ball with emailing it and applying again.

    monday was beautifully sunny in hull which is strange but seemed to make the day better. really sad but a lovely service for my gran. thanks for asking :)

    i feel as though i can finally breathe a sigh of relief now the asda thing has come through. they congratulated me on how well i did during the long interview process which cheered me up and doing the 'try out' thing on tills today i was told again that i did really well at it. i felt like i really needed some positive feedback. also the woman who offered me the job said that with me 2:1 after 6 months i should apply for the graduate scheme at asda.
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    also the woman who offered me the job said that with me 2:1 after 6 months i should apply for the graduate scheme at asda.

    Someone I know did this and has just been accepted onto the graduate scheme - looks really good, loads of different options in lots of different areas :)
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    Great that connexions were so helpful and you're right, a bit of sunshine can make all the difference, it's been rain rain rain recently which really can be so miserable. All this good news has made me :) Really cool that she's already spotted your potential for the graduate scheme too :yippe:
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    thanks :) happened at just the right time too
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    thanks :) happened at just the right time too

    Glad things are starting to work out for you :D *hug*
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    You have my sympathy. I've been job hunting for around 18 months and nothing has really come up. Unless I want to work stupid hours, which with a lack of transport isn't going to happen.
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