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TheSite.org Book Club: Discussion on February's book - 'When God Was a Rabbit'

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I will add to this later, but thought I'd put up a thread before I forget!

I loved it. I particularly loved the relationship between Joe and Charlie.

More later!


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    I found it quite hard to follow.

    I'll get more insightful later.
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    I enjoyed this book, to an extent, but felt that it wasn't really completed. It was like lots of little stories thrown together, with a bit of a thread but it felt like there were so many gaps. I got the feeling that the book was a string of events but without anything really hanging them together, other than the fact that it involved the same characters. I never really felt that I got to understand *why* things just seemed to happen, it was almost random.

    I think that issue with the Dad could have been explored a little more and I don't really feel that I understood exactly what happened in her childhood. I felt that the insinuations were a little too vague for me. I thought that Joe's character wasn't fully developed enough and knew that 9/11 would make an appearance as soon as he moved to New York, it was too predictable.

    The relationship between the main character and the lodger was a little weird and I'm not sure that I fully understood it, neither did I fully get the relationship between the mother and her sister-in-law.

    As for the sex scene, where the hell did that come from? And obviously I expected the rabbit to take bigger role

    The book had some funny moments and I have to credit the author with those and overall I think that there was enough materiel for a really good book, I just think that it was a missed opportunity.
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    I agree with Slartibartfast; the book felt like a string of events and not like a whole story.

    I was confused about the situation with the Uncle as it was just implied. It would have been much better if the author had explored this more and left out 9/11 in NY! I didn't like all the backwards and forwards from NY to the UK either. I don't think there was any need for the brother to go to NY.

    Also, maybe I missed the point, but I didn't understand what the rabbit had to do with anything. I think whatever he represented was very subtle and maybe I'm just not clever enough to understand!

    I did like the fact that some bits of the story were told with hindsight as an adult. I also liked the nostalgic tone of the book - it reminded me of things me and my brother got up to when we were younger.
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