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askTheSite Live! Money and your relationships

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On Tuesday evening Pete from the Citizen's Advice Bureau joined Matt Whyman, our resident relationships advisor, and our hosts Mike, Naomi and Jo7 to answer your questions on money & relationships.

Watch the full live chat...

Listen on Soundcloud or download .mp3 [51Mb]


01:07 I really want to move out. How do I deal with the costs?
04:01 I'm bored with boyfriend who's on the dole.
08:39 My unemployment is putting a strain on our relationship.
11:53 Should I keep lending my friend money? What if things turn bad between us?
15:04 Is housing benefit being reduced? Will I have to move?
18:19 I've got a girl pregnant. What financial responsibilities do I have?
25:57 When dating, should the man pay for everything or should it be split?
31:20 My mum doesn't like my new boyfriend and calls him a 'chav'. What should I do?
36:48 How are you celebrating Valentine's day?
43:00 My boyfriend pays off my credit card debts but I feel guilty I can't pay for myself.
50:40 How can I better manage my debts?

We'd love to hear your thoughts on any of these issues... What did we miss?


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    Missed this while I was away - great to see Jo7 on film :d and some really useful advice for some of the boards issues...
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