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Sixth Form College interview

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Hello, :wave:

I am moving on to Sixth Form College in september and i've got an interview for the one I want on the 27th January (oh my god, that soon). Yeah, the letter says... 'If you have a Record of Achievement, it is helpful if you can bring this with you.'
Urm... stupid question but what is one of these? I do not have one. Is it a CV?
Dont want to get rejected from the place I want because (stupidly) its the only one I applied to.

Soooo.... yeah. Help me please :)


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    Record of achievement is usually certificates that you have been given from school like GCSE/GNVQ certificates but if you haven't got them yet then obviously you can't show them, you would probably just talk about predicted grades if you haven't got any yet.

    It's usually just certificates of things you have achieved throughout school, I'd say it's not really important though, they usually just ask to see your certificates when you actually have them, I don't think I took one in when I was starting college so I wouldn't worry too much :)
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    As hmmm7 says, I wouldn't worry too much. If your school hasn't been working on them with you then you wouldn't be expected to have one and not all schools bother with them.

    I found this link which explains a bit more about them: http://www.employment-studies.co.uk/pubs/summary.php?id=328

    I'd suggest that any certificates you do have, take them along. If you did D of E, some work experience or volunteering or anything else like that then it's worth bringing any proof of that with you. You could make your own little folder of things even :)

    My school never did records of achievement but some of my friends at other schools had to work on them through year 10 and 11 so that when you leave school you have a record of everything you've achieved in one place, it's a bit like a CV as you say.

    Good luck with the interview! :D
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