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Hi everyone!:wave:
I'm Nina, just turned 16 (well 2 months ago now, which is kinda scary!), currently living in Yorkshire but I'm a southener at heart, moved around a lot when I was little. Year 11 at school, just applied to 6th form and can't wait, want to study psychology at uni when I get that far. I love ballet, have been dancing for 14 years now, and I'm not all that good but ah well. Also love reading, and music:)
Compared to most peoples my life is pretty straightforward, theres the odd boyfriend problem (although I'm now single, unfortunatly:( ), the odd friend problem, and then there's the other thing, the reason I've appeared on here, I've already posted a thread about it, advice very much appreciated.
So yeah, me, nice to meet you all:wave:
Nina x


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