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My beautiful beautiful books.....



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    G-Raffe wrote: »
    Something I did yesterday is history as well. Windows discs could easily be copied or procured if someone wanted them. Antique books not so much.

    I could buy Windows 95 for £6

    Okay good point.
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    Hellfire wrote: »
    Frankly I am utterly insulted that my books have been compared to a set of windows disk

    Get a grip.

    Not to shit on your thread I don't understand the fetishism of some paper and ink that a lot of people seem to have. Loving the content, the story, the writing, the imagery...that I can understand. But being so into the actual physical medium itself just seems a bit odd to me.

    Books are books. They are there to be read. It's like buying a '59 Les Paul and putting it behind glass. The guitar exists to be played.

    But hey, what do I know* :o

    *Quite a bit actually. I'm very clever :o
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