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I am starting a new job tomorrow after 2 years of being unemployed, it is working in a small supermarket so i have done it before. I am very nervous especially because of my health conditions and disability :nervous:

it is does help that i am starting the same time as my partner as he is the store supervisor. but i am worried about how i tell the manager about my conditions as i said i had problems with my health at the interview but did not go into detail. and i dont want to overdo things and be made ill, am worried about friday as doing a night shift and my partner wont be there, and because i have bladder problems, i scared about how the person in charge will react and that they wont let me use the toilet when i need to.
the good thing is that i will be able to access to work so i need to sort that soon with the jobcentre, as it means that they have to make sure the job is suitable for me and if not that will get a grant for adjustments


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    First of all, congratulations on the new job! :yippe:

    Starting any new job is always a bit scary and it's even more understandable for you seeing as it's been a long period of time since you last worked, so don't be too hard on yourself. I'm guessing you're there right now, sorry you didn't get any replies before you started - let us know how the first day went, hope it all went ok?

    Hopefully there'll be some other people there that you can bond with and get along with so that in a week or two you won't feel so anxious about working when your boyfriend isn't on shift too.

    With any personal issue like the ones you mention it's absolutely fine to just ask your manager when you get the chance if you can have a quick chat together at the end of the day for example or when they have a bit of time to talk 1-2-1. You could kick off by saying you'd like to make them aware of the health issues you mentioned in your interview. You can explain the issues and frame it in a way that shows you're keen to do a good job and stay on top of things so if they can help you a bit with extra toilet breaks for example then you'll feel much more at ease and be able to work better in general :) Good luck with it all.
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    Hey Sinead1992,

    How did your first week in your new job go? Hope you're enjoying it so far. Let us know how you're getting along.

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    yeah it has not gone too bad, just very tiring as it is very physical job and very demanding, it does not help that the rest of the staff are rubbish and one girl keeps up turning up late leaving me to do her work aswell as my own. still yet to sort out my contract but i am being made to supervisor as they are really lacking staff and control there, so should be starting my training tonight as i am already sorting out stock takes and orders etc
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    I really think you just need to focus on doing your job. And, your medical conditions are really none of their business. If it a job you can do, then just go in and do it. I have found that telling employers too much information can sometimes be detrimental. They aren't always understanding. Just go in and do your job to the best of your ability and that's it.
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