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What is the name of this movie? It's been bugging me since forever?

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Hi I'm looking for the name of this really good movie I watched years ago. I don't remember the complete plot but it's a prison film. Basically a guy who's a pilot has his house broken into by burglars and they kill his wife and tell him they're gonna let him live, and they only get sentenced to 20 years in prison, the main character heavily disagrees, so he attempts to get revenge on him by committing a few
crimes and getting sent to prison himself so he can kill him. He eventually does end up in the same prison and he kills the main burglar who killed his wife by leaving him in a plane whilst flying and jumping out of it with a parachute. The protagonists name is John Watt, I remember, because someone thinks he's taking the piss when they ask him his surname and he says "Watt" (like "What?") or something.

It's a bit like Law Abiding Citizen, but it's a UK film. I think it came out around 2000-2002 or so.

Sorry if I haven't explained that well, lol, but does anyone know what I'm on about?


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