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So I have a job which I'm getting bored of... Apart from the trade union work I do, I have no mental stimulation from it and it's a bit like working in a supermarket, only you get less respect from "customers"... Yes, I have a job, yes, I can afford rent... But I can't afford to save a lot of money and there's a lot I wanna do...
  • I'd like to study a Masters part time, but can't afford it
  • I haven't been on holiday in 8 years... I'd like to travel, see the world, or some of the world
  • I'd love to learn new skills, even if they're useless skills...
  • I'd love a job where I felt I didn't have to stay there 15 years before getting anywhere

I don't know what to do with my life and I'm getting a bit low in work... I know a lot of my friends who have traveled and studied further come from better off backgrounds than me, but I don't know if I'm punching above my weight, wanting these things...

I'm happy to work another year or so, to save up (I'm pulling out of my pension scheme, as it's going to become £50 a month more, so may have £600 per year extra), but I need something to aim towards...

So if anybody has any ideas, or knows of any affordable career advisers or coaches who deal with graduates, could you please share?

Thanks :)

ETA: I have considered getting a second job, but my life outside of work is demanding, so I'd struggle fitting it in


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    There is the goverment funding thing - Next step. But I found it a waste of time personally.

    Have you tried your uni? most give some advice to alumni
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    I know you did a bit of volunteering overseas before and really loved it and I know that can be an expensive option is most cases, but I recently found out about a company called Concordia through one of our bloggers on sister site Do-it.org.uk and they seem to be really reasonable - you just pay a bit towards admin, so might be worth checking out? Anyhow here's the link - http://www.concordiavolunteers.org.uk/

    Also, prospects provide careers advice to graduates up to - I think - five years after leaving uni, have you been in touch with them before? Again here's the link -

    Those are just a couple of options and I don't think your expectations are too high, I think it's just about working out what some of the things you most enjoy are and finding out if you can do something work wise that relates.

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