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Access to Higher Education courses

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Heya, I'm wondering how many of you out there (aged 19+) are or have taken an Access course in the past and how well you've did?

I'm also a member of TSR where I've been in frequent discussion about Access courses and apparently a lot of people do well in them and get into reputable universities, including a guy who went to my old college who ended up at Cambridge studying Law.


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    Hi, I did one from 2006-2007. It was called Access to Teaching, Social Sciences and Humanities. Pretty sure a lot of unis take an Access certificate. I went on to do a BA in English and American Lit at Kent Uni.

    What did you want to know?
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    Nice. I've been thinking of applying to Kent. I have a friend who studied there and liked it. What do you think of it?

    And I'm gonna be taking one myself next year, I'm not a "mature student" as such at only 19, but my education has been messed around with in the past few years due to millions of issues, and I can't afford to do A-levels (£300-600 per subject, per year), so I want to do an Access course for uni which I'll be able to do for free since I'm under 25.

    I'm hoping to get on a science based Access course then do a biological science (undecided about biology, genetics or neuroscience) at uni, or at least get on a Foundation Year if it's not deep enough. I would apply for a FY this year, but I only really have 8 GCSEs and a BTEC and all the unis I want to apply for ask for Level 3 study, anyway.
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    Yeah it's a big help that the Access course is free to under 25s. On the course I was on I was able to repeat Maths which helped because I only had a grade D at GCSE level. I still failed the Maths but at least I had the opportunity :P I think it did get me ready for uni (essay writing etc) but in a really kind way. A lot of us had been out of education for a while (some a lot longer including people in their 50s.. a real mixture of ages) and the tutors seemed really able to gently ease us into the swing of things.

    I loved my time at Kent Uni. No idea about the Biological Science degrees but Canterbury is really beautiful and a great place to be a student I think. Just make use of the open days that are offered and visit the unis you're interested in. Also on my Access course they really helped us with our applications to uni. Not sure if that is specific to every Access course but they all seem geared up into getting everyone into uni so I'm sure some support would be offered.

    Sounds exciting for you anyway :thumb:
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