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Do I have post natel depression or just bullied by the world :-/

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I just don't know what's wrong anymore! I just feel lile I can't cope with the world, I feel totally bullied by everyone and just want to cry all the time! I've just moved in with my mum with my partner and children And my mum and sister go on and on at me and make me feel a bad mum, my partner is just aways mardy and snitches to my mum
Behind my back! I'm constantly exhausted but this just gives them more reasons
To go on at me telling me I shouldn't leave the house ! I can't cope I need help but who's going to listen ! This isn't me


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    Hey Holliepop2010 :wave:

    It sounds like a really hard situation, when you're living all together family roles can become blurred which causes lots of friction. You're not a bad mum, don't let anyone make you feel like that *hug*

    Is there anyway you could sit down to talk with your partner first maybe and then the rest of the family. Explaining to them how you're feeling, not in an accusational manner just stating that you can't cope the way things are.

    With regards post natal depression, it's perfectly plausible that you could be suffering with this, thes best advice I can offer is to make an appointment with your gp to talk about it. PND is so much more common than people realise, so many people just keep denying the way they are feeling when there's no need to the help is out there.

    Remember we're always here, even if you just need to let off steam,

    dp :heart:
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