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Current attibutes and positive weaknesses

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Hi people :-)
Could anyone give me examples of Current attibutes and positive weaknesses that would be good for a business plan! I keep coming up with the same ones but written differant

You would be a star :-) thank you


  • LauraOLauraO ********* Posts: 535 The answer to life, the universe, and everything
    Hey Holliepop :wave:

    It would be good to know what the business plan is for and what answers you have already got for these questions? Is it for a college project or are you hoping to set up your own business soon?

    I have never written a business plan before, but if your putting one together you might want to check out the starting your own business article and our whole Self Employed section of TheSite.org. There is also a short but concise article on the BBC about How to write a business plan that might be worth checking out.

    It would be good to know some more details though, so anyone who has written one before can give you some more help,

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