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Mods: Why do threads you close if they're not from this current year?

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Obviously the question answers itself if you're closing a thread from 2002 asking a question that's been answered dozens of times since. But I'm talking about decent threads that are actually informative, with some well thought out and balanced replies.

Take the Ayahuasca thread in the drugs forum from 2006. Some really good information in there, a lot of stuff I didn't previously know. Someone comes along and gives it a bump, and it is promptly closed for being from 2006. If it hadn't been bumped, I wouldn't have read it. Just seems odd to me, I mean the forum isn't exactly a hive of activity and if you search, that's the only thread on Ayahuasca I can find on this forum - so why close it? I could even understand if you closed it and redirected to your very own thesite information page for Ayahuasca, but you don't have one!

Edit: I realise the thread title makes no sense. **Why do you close threads....


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    Because sometimes the issue is quite specific and started by some person, usually the threads that are bumped are because someone has offered advice to that person about what to do, except its not really relevant any more when the thread is a few years old.

    In my opinion you cant really expect to get advice from a site by "hoping" and crossing your fingers that someone will bump an old thread. The search function is there to help you. I think the reason it happens is that thesite ranks rather highly on google searches so people will often dip in etc.

    For an old thread where there have been no posts for a while, it is highly likely that after so long that particular issue has been resolved. Most situations in life are subtly different and advice doesnt always bear relevance, some people will come on thesite and find that these old threads are not quite as useful, or the information be it laws or advice might be out of date. This is where someone could start a new thread with their own issue an circumstances.

    Look at the stickies at the top of the page, http://vbulletin.thesite.org/showthread.php/120328-Modding-policy
    6. From time to time it is necessary for moderators to close threads. This might happen when someone posts in an old thread. The first reason is because the person might be dragging up someone’s old problem which is likely to have been resolved, or might bring back unhappy memories for them. The second reason is because the person posting is likely to get a better response if they start a new thread. A thread is also likely to be closed if it descends into arguments and is no longer on-topic. In this case, a moderator will usually warn users before the thread is closed to give them an opportunity to get the discussion back on track.
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    Cheers G :)

    Hope that clarifies why Bare Grills?
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