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Chat This Sunday Evening: 7 until 9 PM

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Tonight’s Unbeatable Occupy TheSite Chat will be open by 7 PM until after 9 PM, and you can be part of it by clicking here. It is a general chat, in which you may discuss anything including but not limited to: your personal problems, X Factor (was Tulisa being unfair when she accused Amelia of shouting even though she was singing a song that’s supposed to be loud?), Strictly, I’m a celebrity, the Arab Spring (another dictator removed), the Occupy protests (has the Bank of Ideas come up with any good ideas?), the weekend’s sport, the strikes (are you looking forward to having a day off? I would be), rebranding the Liberal Democrats (would rebranding them persuade you to vote for them? Or do they need to keep their manifesto promises if they want your votes?), whether following the case of a man having 15 children to 13 women there should be a limit on how many women a man is allowed to get pregnant, the advantages and disadvantages of using the internet to share experiences of depression and other illnesses, and shopping. I forgot to turn off my heater last night, so my living room is very warm. Consequently, you can tell us the last thing you forgot to do.


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