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Crazy Story.

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About a 6 years ago, when I was 12. My aunt gave my mom a birthday present which consisted of some tickets to go see a show that was playing at one of our small local theaters. The show was a Hypnosis show. Now this Hypnosis show, as we found out online consisted of a man whose name I forget, lets just call him Jerry. Jerry would spend an hour discussing Hypnotism, and the way it worked, and then would proceed to demonstrate his Hypnotic skillz. My mom was extremely excited to go, as she had never believed in Hypnotism, and wanted to see it explained by a professional. So my mom dressed up, and we went out to see the show.
The theatre was pretty packed, but from what I could see, I was the only kid there, which seemed odd at first. It stopped seeming odd once the show began. It was super boring, all this guy "Jerry" would do, was talk about how "certain patterns in the brain can be manipul-blah blah blah." To be honest I kind of fell asleep twenty minutes in. I woke up when the applause signaling the end of his speech started. He then stated that he would now demonstrate his skills, by putting someone in the audience to sleep. No one raised their hands to volunteer, so he proceeded to search around the room for someone. My mom had told me before the show to watch and see who he picks, because that person is most definitely being paid to faint for him. Imagine her surprise when he stops next to her, reaches out his hand and says "miss, will you be my volunteer?" My mom blushed, looked at me, and then at him, as if she couldn't believe what was happening. He noticed me and asked "is this your son?" My mom nodded. I guess I looked worried, because he looked at me and said "don't worry son, your mom is going to be fine, I promise, she's just going to take a little nap." Everyone laughed. Finally my mom stood up and and took his hand. Before they went up on stage, he pointed at my moms feet, and said "your shoes will have to come off sooner or later, would you rather your son hold on to them?" So my mom took off her heels and left them with me. He then proceeded slowly up to the stage with my mom. Everyone became extremely quite, so all you could hear were his boots hitting the floor, and my moms now bare feet, padding on the marble. When they reached the stage, he positioned my mom opposite himself. He looked directly at my mom and proceeded to explain exactly what he was going to do. As long as my mom would keep looking into his eyes, as soon as he snapped his fingers, she would lose consciousness. So after a couple moments of silence he counted to three, and snapped his fingers. As soon as he snapped, my moms face changed, her head tilted back, her mouth opened, and her eyes closed. She began to lean backward, but he reached out his arm, and supported her back. At this point, I could see how completely limp my mom had become, her entire back was arched, her head drooped back totally, and her arms hung like towels. Everyone "oohed" and "ahhhed" and clapped as he proceeded to lower my mom gently to the floor. After she was on the ground he went on to explain a bunch of other stuff, but I was too busy trying to figure out if my mom was faking or not. While he talked, I spent the entire time studying my moms face. Her eyes and mouth stayed completely still, not even her fingers and toes were moving. After another fifteen minutes, he stopped his speech, and proceeded to call out to me. "young man, will you please come up onto the stage, if you don't mind." This terrified me, but I set down my moms heels, and walked awkwardly up on stage. He looked at me and said "let me ask you, is your mom ticklish?" I said "yes." "Well" he said, "why don't you demonstrate for us, that your mother is truly in the deepest of sleeps." He gestured down at her exposed feet. So I ran my fingers up and down the soles of my moms bare feet, and as I did this, I looked at her face expecting to see a smile or a twitch. But she stayed as still, as I had ever seen her. Everybody clapped. After that the show was over, there were beverages and snacks, so people had a chance to meet the Hypnotist, and talk to him if they wanted. To my surprise, he informed everyone, that the stage was open, and that they could come up, and have a look at my mom. I sat next to her, on the stage, because I didn't know what else to do. At first people approached shyly, smiling at me, and looking at my mom from a distance. But that didn't last long. Soon, it seemed like everyone was on the stage surrounding me. People were standing around my moms unconscious body, looking, talking. Everyone was taking pictures of her. But what bugged me the most, was that people somehow thought it was ok, to start giving her the tickle test. So everyone started reaching down and poking at her toes, and tickling her bare feet. At this point I had a bit of a mini panic attack. Trust me, sitting next to your unconscious mom, as she lays limp, on a hard floor, with people taking pictures of her, and touching her bare feet....not fun. After a bit I calmed down, and the theatre started to empty. The theatre emptied in less than ten minutes, and then the real problem started. I realized that the Hypnotist man had gone as well. That's right, I don't know if he forgot about us, or didn't care, all I know was that I was completely alone in the theatre, and my mom was still unconscious. All I could do was sit and wait. After half an hour, the theatre manager showed up. At first he seemed mad, that someone was still in the theatre, then he became visibly worried when he saw my mom laying there, motionless. I had to explain what had happened, so he spent some time trying to wake my mom up with me, but she remained so deeply unconscious, that he gave up, and went to work on stuff backstage. Half an hour later, I noticed that my moms toes started to move, and soon after, just like that, she came to. As you can imagine she was more then a bit groggy so she had to calm down. In fact when she first regained consciousness, she sat up too fast, and immediately went limp and fainted again. But a little while later she woke up, and was fine. She said that she had no dreams, and instead of feeling rested, she felt like she had been awake for three days and needed sleep. All in all, she wouldn't stop asking me questions, about the whole thing, but she felt fine. She was quite mad at me though, because when I left her heels on my chair, someone took them, so she had to walk home in the rain, barefoot.
Sorry for the long story guys, but I just thought this was a really funny memory that I had. Let me know what you guys think, I would appreciate it.


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