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Infected lymph nodes

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Has anyone ever had this?

Its come on really quickly, started last week with an ocipital node (back of the head, base of the skull), last week, thats gone down, but I've now got another - cervical lymph node (just below my ear). Its not on both sides, but the swelling has now gone to my face, and the lymph is draining through my piercings in my ears (eww, I know sorry!).

The doctor has taken some bloods, but thought it was just an infection. But I'm worried its something else, I've not been feeling 100% for a while, been really tired, achey getting lots of minor ailments (such as chest pain that they can't find a reason for). I'm a bit concerned I've got glandular fever, or something serious. They did do general bloods a while ago (a month), and didn't find anything to be particularly worried about. They're doing inflamation bloods now, to check its not rhematoid artheritis, but I'm worried that they aren't going to pick anything up because i've had so many minor symptoms over a 6 month period, or its something that just comes and goes.

Any advice other than "stop being a hypercondriact and deal with it"?


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    Ok, so now on second lot of anti-biotics, and the swelling around my face is finally going down. The lymph node is slowly going down, but very much still there. Instead I've now got a swollen gland in my arm pit. :(

    I'm just keeping a diary of all my symptoms and i'm going to go back later in the week, and see if I can get referred to a specialist...I'm getting totally fed up of being in pain and feeling crap!
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    Hey, I don't have any personal experience of this but just wanted to offer you some hugs *hug*

    What with everything going on at the moment, being unwell is going to knock you for six and totally ok to be feeling fed up. Keeping a diary of your symptoms is a really practical idea, it's good to hear you have another appointment this week and taking that along should help them to refer you if necessary.

    In the mean time, be kind to yourself and rest up as much as possible, hope it goes ok with the doctor later in the week, let us know how you get on.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery :heart:
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