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I just wanted to get a sense of perspective and see what others think.

I just wondered if many people find the transition from university or education to be a difficult one ?

I graduated in 2007, but in my own case I had already been unwell at university with mental health problems.

Possibly my experiences are different to others, but there may be some similarities. Due to being unwell I wasn't sure of the best course of action. I got involved with some voluntary work which then led to becoming involved with my local MIND after moving back home.

What I've tried to do is to learn about why I was unwell and what things I can do to help myself, so I have done a lot of courses run at my local MIND and tried to read about the subject of mental health. Seeing as I had several psychotic episodes at university hopefully I have done the right thing by taking a step back and putting the career on hold a little bit.

I have tried to do things relating to developing a career by doing voluntary work and some internships but I think in the grand scheme of things it's maybe been better not to have had a 35 hour a week job - maybe it could have made me unwell.

It's tricky though as I think unemployment throws up problems - at first I had no idea about the benefits system and was on JSA, although I have subsequently applied for some health-related benefits having been advised by my local Advocacy but have been knocked back by the Department for Work and Pensions.

The economic climate of course makes things difficult for everyone, but I think that not having a job can be detrimental to one's wellbeing. I've found keeping busy and doing courses and voluntary work to be helpful, but I think the fact you have time on your hands and little money isn't easy. Fortunately I'm at home though.

I've tried to have a holistic view of the situation so I've covered quite a few bases over the last few years, but I've certainly had questions about the best way forward having been unwell and also with the state of the economy.

Fortunately I have just secured a small paid job - it's only a few hours a week, but hopefully can ease me into work.

I just wonder how other people view the transition, but also how do people find unemplyment from a health point of view ? I think it's not good for you, but at the same time if you did a job you hated that wouldn't be good for you either - it's tricky.


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    unemployment is turning out to be quite detrimental to my mental health. I've been having quite strong and scary thoughts just lately which i haven't experienced for awhile.

    I think in your case it can be beneficial if you are in a position where you don't have to work and can dedicate your time to improving your mental health, but for the majority of people, financially we have no choice but to work full time. No Work = no money = no home,food,clothes etc. I don't know how people on long term benefits do it.

    Some people can work full time and it can exacerbate exisiting mental health issues, particularly if it is a highly stressful job or a job that doesn't challenge them enough. Others can thrive on fulltime employment and do badly without it.

    Too much free time is not good though.
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    Some really good points raised there mark1984 and **Summer-Raindrops**.

    Firstly congratulations on finding a job in such a tough climate as this one. As **Summer-Raindrops** pointed out, it really is difficult for many people seeking employment at the minute with all the financial pressures associated with life.

    It sounds like you've worked through a lot of things over the last few years, and I would take some comfort in the fact that you seem to have a lot of insight into the situation you are facing.

    Getting back to work while living with mental health issues can be a tough time for anyone.

    I guess only the individual would really know how comfortable they are going into that environment. Your health should always come first though. Its best to take things slowly or at a pace you feel most comfortable with.

    Keep us up to date with how it goes though and more importantly, good luck :thumb::thumb:

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