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Self Defence Classes

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I'm looking to take up a self-defence/martial arts class, as the winters draw in. I wanna feel more confident that if I'm attacked in the street, I can get away with as little harm to myself as possible (I don't care about harming the attacker, but I don't want a criminal record!)...

In my area I have different classes such as kung fu, karate, akido, jijitsu, mixed martial arts, muay thai, taekwondo and up the road from me, krav maga...

I think krav maga would appeal, as apparently it is easy to pick up and can be used in real life... However, classes seem really expensive and somebody told me that a lot of people get injured in class...

I think they have jitsu in my local gym, but it looks quite touchy feely and I don't know if I'd feel comfortable with that...

Mixed martial arts, I have read that you need to be very fit for and can be quite hardcore... It kinda appeals in a way that I can get buff, but does it have any real function outside sport?

I'm physically fit, but don't have great body strength due to hypermobile joints and dyspraxia, so need something that is more reliant on technique than muscle...

Any ideas?


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    krav maga, jiujitsu, mma and muay thai should be your shortlist if you want to learn serious defence. an MMA gym is likely to offer classes in muay thai, BJJ, boxing, wrestling etc so that's probably the best idea as you'll be able to find whatever suits you - most likely jiu-jitsu, for technique over strength.
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    Personally I would find a specialist women's self defence class. The local police would possibly have a list of free ones in your area.

    Otherwise, if you don't mind high impact (think rugby), the ju jitsu is my preferred option. Its a good all-round art, it works lots of muscle groups, and its great if you are smaller than your opponent (sp?). Plus theres always the high of being able to throw a 6 foot 6 guy around. It gave me a lot of confidence, but if your body is anything like mine, be prepared to loose inches but end up putting on a couple of pounds in the first month or so. I bulked out a lot, but cos muscle is heavier than fat, i ended up actually putting on a little bit of weight at first.

    I have hypermobile joints and dyspraxia, and I had to quit ju jitsu after an injury, and I've been adviced not to go back by my previous physio. So I would actually advice something like tai chi (a really powerful defence art when used properly) or a specialist self defence class.

    Saying that I'm actually going to give kung fu a go once my asthma allows! I think its just trying things out and seeing what suits you.

    Hope you find something!
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