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  • Olly_BOlly_B Mod-u-like Posts: 222 Settling in
    Miss_Riot wrote: »
    Great ideas Olly, but I'm really wanting to move away from working within the music industry (hense the re-training). I've done the festival circuit for years before uni and got no where, and I've just spent nearly 4 months managing a band, and just had it all thrown back in my face and was humiliated by the band. I don't think I could work with people like that for sometime again, my confidence is far too dented to take more of that shit without falling apart even more than I already have.

    Sorry - didn't read your initial post properly. :-(

    I guess the next idea would be if you've got that kind of experience, what could you relate it to that you'd actually enjoy. And given you'd mentioned working in a library, the obvious suggestion would be literary festivals and organising author promotions. Yep, apart from the Hay Festival, there aren't many big festivals that are well known, but there are lots of local festivals that need people to organise.

    Or, it might be approaching your local library, book store, council and finding out if they do literary events and how you could get involved helping to organise them. Or even organising one for local authors and poets to do readings.

    Is there a second-hand book shop somewhere near that you could start doing a few shifts in? Or a charity bookstore that you could volunteer in just to get you some initial experience?

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