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Hello everyone, how are you? I wrote several messages but it's just a start!

I'm here because I always wanted to talk and discuss with other people from other countries and especially in english. :} Why? Maybe I want to raise my english level.

I'm Giedre (maybe it's unuasual name to you) No matter what's my age, because my mom always said, that I'm more clever than I had to be. (those moms.. :D)

I'm pisces, and that describes me a lot. I'm a dreamer and an artist.
I'm interested in music, history, poetry, dancing. Sometimes I like to take some photoshots.
What about my charackter? I'm stubborn but in otherwise I'm friendly and I'm always happy! I'm optimistic human and I live life as good as possible. (: I like to be with people, but not for long. Because they eat my energy. I'm very weird person, but I've seen more weird people than me.

Besides, I'm vegetarian. To be precise I'm Ovo-lacto vegetarianian. (: I don't smoke for about a month. That's a piece of my healthy life. : D

Well, I think it's enough for this time. Hope you will like me! And here's my photo. So you will know with who you are having a business : D



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