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Just Love Safe Survey

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Hi there,

I've just been doing the Just Love Safe sex survey with my friend who is a lesbian and all the options are really straight. I know you put at the beginning your sexuality but then following on from there was hard - e.g. it says what method of contraception did you use when you lost your virginity but "none - we're both girls" isn't an option.

Also she said that the box you put your details into for the prize draw isn't secure.


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    Yeah I had that issue with it. Decided it might look a bit petty to put it on Facebook (where I found the link) - didn't occur to me to put it here!!

    If they're going to go to the trouble of giving participants the option to define as gay women they really should make sure the questions reflect that. 'Protection' instead of 'contraception' for example.
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    A lot of people use contraception and protection as synonyms when they shouldn't, it could just be a sub-editing failure. Especially as a lot of women use hormonal contraception to ease period pains. It depends, were options like dental dams and latex gloves listed? It goes without saying that women sharing toys should still use condoms, but I wouldn't consider that usage to be 'contraception'.

    ETA: Just done the survey myself and the same options are listed for me as a straight man. It complicated things as I didn't use condoms for my first time as a) I knew my partner was on the pill and b) I knew we didn't have an STI. So obviously I had to say on my first time I was on the pill, which is random to say the least.
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    Hey guys,
    You've raised some really interesting points, so I'll be sure to pass them on to the relevant people. This kind of feedback is reallllllly good to have.

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