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Norway + Sweden

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Hey guys!

So I'm sailing from Norway to Sweden in the summer, and am planning to do some travelling either side :) After having a number of plans fall through last summer, I'm pleased to actually be getting away!

Has anyone been to Norway or Sweden? At the moment I'm planning to do at least a week in Norway beforehand in the Fjords sort of area... Maybe Bergen and ending in Stavanger. And see stuff like this:


But there is the possibility of spending longer... especially if I want to do the north of the country. Norway is somewhere I've always wanted to go :shocking:

However, I don't really know much about Sweden :chin: So I'd either stick around for a bit, or head down into Copenhagen.. go somewhere else or fly home from there.

So I guess... Norway, Sweden (south!), Denmark.... What do I do? :D


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    That picture scares the shit out of me.

    Nothing else to add.
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    You don't need to sail from Norway to Sweden, you know? They're next to each other. ;)

    I've never been, but I really want to go to Tromso and Nordkapp in the North. I also really want to drive across the Oresund bridge between Malmo and Copenhagen. Apparently the boat trips to the islands between Sweden and Finland are pretty good too.

    And if you want to go to the most Northerly point of mainland Europe, there's also Cape Nordkinn.
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    I live in Norway, and I guess choosing where to go depends on what you'd like to do. From what I read, that includes experiencing the nature, and I'd definitely go to Stavanger, Bergen as you said but also Trondheim which has the Famous Nidaros Cathedral known for it's building style.

    If you're going to visit Stavanger, I'd consider seeing "Prekestolen". I actually haven't been to that spot in the Stavanger area myself, but it's deffo going to be the next time I find reason to visit Stavanger.

    Cape Nordkinn is also worth a visit as pointed out, but I'd say it depends a bit on the weather, you'll have everything from the beauty of the sunset to a full storm on your hands, so try to go there on the best day in terms of weather. But there are also a lot of other things to do and see in the North of Norway, for example you'd definitely will see a reindeer or two as this is the natural habitat of the Sami People, the indigenous people of the North.

    As for the far North, it's best to visit as close to the summer solstice as possible, as the day will be at it's longest - in the far North that means that there will always be daylight which is nice to see.

    I haven't been that much around entire Sweden, but you'll often find the same type of nature and "mood", and Sweden also share the legacy of the indigenous Sami people, there are a lot of cultural bonds between the two countries, although we're definitely in for the occasional banter of any Swede :razz:

    If you're into going out, then I'd also consider visiting Oslo (Capital) which is where I live. I know some people say they don't like Oslo compared to the other major cities, but I'd say that's not true, there's a lot to see and do here, just avoid the most "touristic" places and find yourself a nice park. From Oslo it's also easy to go to and from Denmark if you'd like to go with a boat, ferries depart to/from Copenhagen to Oslo on a daily basis, so if you have the time, I'd recommend that over just flying. There are also ferries to some other places in Denmark, but I'd stick to Copenhagen, it's by far the nicest point of arrival in Denmark imo.

    p.s. there's no need to sail between Norway and Sweden, you could go by train, bus or car over the border. But, you'd need to sail or fly to Denmark.
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    Thanks guys!

    And yeah I know I don't *neeeeeed* to sail lol! But the Tall Ships Races are going on and so that is the main reason I'm going over in the first place!
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