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A song.

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You left me crying
Tears of red
You left me lying
For dead
You left me calling
Out your name
You left me wondering
Will I see you
see you again?

You took your promises
My broken dreams
And you left them
Ripped at the seams
But even if
I gave you
A needle and thread
I know you’d leave them
For someone else
To fix instead

You never could stand
On your own two feet
But I’d hold your hand
If you’d hold me
We were not equal
Not in your mind
But that don’t bother me
Not this time
I get so used to
Being knocked down
That I won’t even try to
That I don’t even try to
That I can’t even try to
Turn it around

I was going to upload me singing it, but it wouldn't let me :grump: x


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