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Mouldy House/Heating/Open Windows!

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Hi everyone

I need some advice. I am living in a rented property with 2 friends and we have a serious mould issue we are trying to deal with which originally began in the bathroom and spread into the kitchen. We have since had a new bathroom fitted which included a vent being added as we only have a small window so airing the room was a nightmare. We are due to get a new kitchen soon but it's down to when the landlord can afford it. In the meantime, we still have a lot of mould growing on pipes, on the walls near windows and all over the kitchen to a point where we are having to move plates/mugs etc around in different cupboards because it's so bad. We have been made to feel as though the mould is our fault despite bringing it to the landlords attention over a year ago. We are now being asked to keep the windows on a vent to allow air in, or even open when we are at home, however, the weather is so bad we need the heating on so surely having the windows open and the heating on isn't good financially or environmentally? We are constantly wiping surfaces and mould and have made a conscious decision to stop using the tumble dryer for financial reasons but also because of the disgusting amount of mould which is growing on the wall behind it. Instead we are using airers or the radiators. It's bringing us all down to a point where we are now looking elsewhere to live as we have been made to feel like we are dirty tenants. We are renting from friends so moaning to a lettings agency is out of the question.

Can anyone offer any advice or help? I think we are going to continue to look elsewhere but I'm worried about what might happen in terms of being billed for damages if we do move out. We have no written agreement, only verbal. As for the mould, is there any way to treat it or is it down to the landlord? Also, is the mould down to us or do you think it's an underlying problem in the house, despite them being told there was no problem with it when the house was bought?

Sorry to ramble, but I'm not really sure what to do?


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    If you're drying clothes on radiators/airers you're seriously adding to the problem. All that extra water vapour to keep the mould nice and moist. Is you're tumble dryer not vented ?

    Keeping a window open in each room will help but better still a dehumidifier, though from the sounds of it you'll need a couple.
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    Yes you would need a dehumidifier first of all. Try to keep the windows open to decrease humidity in the air. You would not have to pay any damages since its the landlord fault.
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    If you can't afford a dehumidifier, cat litter works really well and is really cheap. Just put a bowl full somewhere discreet in any room with mould issues. It will help keep the place warm as well, moisture in the air is a nightmare for room temperature.

    If the mould is pre-existing (and you can prove it) you shouldn't have to pay to repair it.
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