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I think maybe i need help but im too scared

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I am new to the boards. I actually came across this site while looking for suicide chat rooms :s

I have been feeling really down lately and i just dont seem to know what to do. I know it sounds kinda dumb but i am scared to get help even though i know i should. I just dont seem to care about too much anymore and i am living life in a way that i shouldnt be.

Sometimes i think it would be too difficult to talk to people face to face about the issues that i have, i feel embarrassed and guilty about some things and that makes things tougher. So i guess thats y i am here, it is always easier to talk over the computer.

This looks like a good site so i thought i would try it out tonight
I hope this is an ok 1st post
kim x


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    Sorry to hear you are having a tuff time.

    I know what you mean about not being able to talk face to face, i am the same i tend to write letters or text people what i am trying to say if i am finding it difficult. So maybe that will help you talk to people you need too.

    As for going to help what are you scared off?? the docotor will not judge you so you can tell them anything, if you are looking for a suicide websites then i think you should go to the docotor. they can help.

    Hope this helps
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    yeah writing helps me too, i always write my thoughts down when i can so i could do that, thankyou.

    i think the doctor is one of the people i need to see but i get so nervous about it, i know i cant tell them much because i know what they will want to do and its something i would prefer them not to. im just scared people will find out some things.

    I dont know, just feel like i am stuck in an impossible situation but thankyou for your reply and i will have to think about seeing a doctor about some things and writing will probably be better

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    Hey kimmie, welcome to TheSite, you're in the right place to talk about how you're feeling :)

    From what you've said it sounds like you want to get some support but you're finding the idea of talking face to face quite daunting and you're worried about what will happen if you do.

    If you like writing things down then you could always write some things down before seeing the doctor, that way if you're not sure where to start you can even hand them what you have written? If you do manage to call to make an appointment - remember you don't need to tell them over the phone if they ask what's wrong, just say it's not something you want to discuss over the phone. Maybe you could get someone to go along with you? Have you got someone close that you trust that you could talk to about how you're feeling at the moment?

    If you don't feel ready to take that step there are other things you can think about to help you through this tough time. Here at TheSite we run a live webchat four nights a week where you can come along and talk to other members of the community about anything that's on your mind. It can be a really good distraction for a couple of hours and there will be plenty of other folk there happy to help and support you :)

    You may also want to try calling a helpline like Samaritans - they offer a 24/7 listening service over the phone and also an email service - if a helpling seems a bit daunting too then maybe you could send them an email?

    The main thing is to keep talking whether that's online, on the phone or with a doctor. Take care and let us know how you're getting on *hug*
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    I think writing a letter to take to the doctors is a good idea. I know i have to get help, it just worries me alot but i know i have to try.

    I wish i did have someone that i felt was close enough to talk to and go to appointment with but i dont feel that i do. My friends dont know about my past and i dont want them to, so they wouldnt understand. My brother and sister are too young to understand so i just dont really feel that i could take anyone with me. I guess i just have to not be so scared and just go by myself.

    Thanks: I will definately check out the live chat to see what it is about and i guess there is no harm in emailing samaritans

    Yeah i know it is important to talk about things but it is frustrating that it is the thing that i find the hardest to do

    Thankyou for your reply and help it has given me options that i didnt think about *hug*
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    Welcome to thesite, I'm glad you feel comfortable talking to us :) You've said that they "don't know about your past" and I thought I'd say that, if you want to, you can post about the reasons you feel so down? Obviously you don't have to, but it might help you to be able to speak to people about it. We don't judge here, as I'm sure you've realised :)

    As Jo has said, the Samaritans are really helpful. I thought I'd add that you can text them, and you can also go and speak to them face-to-face which is really good. I've been, and the people are so lovely, they really helped me. So, maybe it'd be easier to see one of them face to face before you see a doctor? That might make you less worried about seeing a doctor.
    I think the letter writing is a really great idea as well, and especially giving it to your doctor instead of telling them everything.

    I would say, make sure you have a doctor you feel okay with talking to. When I went to my doctor to ask for counselling, he was a really old man and I couldn't bring myself to tell him anything!

    Good luck, and let us know how it goes. We'll support you as best we can. x
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    aw thankyou Broken Angel, its nice to know that i can write things down somewhere here. Im not so sure i will right now but i think i will before i see anyone else. Writing is always easier. Im not quite sure where i would post about the past here though, is it ok to post about it in any category?

    Yeah people here seem real nice and i know they dont judge and you are right i think it will help, just need to get the courage to put it up here 1st

    I have heard alot about samaritans and they do seem to do a good job so i will check them out
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    I think the "health and well-being" section would be best, or relationships depending on what you are posting about. But if you post it somewhere, and the mods think it'd be better somewhere else they can always move it for you :) x
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