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Advice ?

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Just wanted to look for some advice/support. I graduated three years ago and am still not exactly sorted work-wise.

At university I had mental health problems which affected me quite a lot. Work-wise since university I have looked for work, but have done a lot of voluntary work, some interships and temping. I've had quite a lot of interviews but have not been offered the job.

I feel that I have done things to help get myself into work and I have applied for a lot of jobs, but at the same time I've made it more of a priority to learn more about mental health and staying well by going to my local MIND where I do courses and self-management tools training (Wellness Recovery Action Plan.)

Currently I'm doing an NVQ in Advice and guidance and applying for part time jobs to fit in with the course, but still keeping up with mental health courses and learning.

I think I've got my priorities right and in general am doing ok, but I guess it's a case of keep on doing what I am doing.

It's hard to get a job at the moment. I have applied for things recently but haven't heard back. To be honest I've always been clueless about what I'd like to do, but now I like the look of advice and guidance having tried it voluntarily.

If I generally feel I am doing ok do you think it's a reasonable idea to try and make the transition to work ? Perhaps just keeping on with the mental health courses is best whilst looking.


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    I don't really know what to say to help you but I just wanted to say hi anyway. I have had mental health problems as well as haven't worked since I graduated (in 2006). I've just recently started volunteering and hope to do that for about a year or so and start applying for paid jobs next autumn. I'm hoping to have a career in the charity sector - the voluntary work I am currently doing is fundraising and administration work and it's going okay so hopefully will find a paid job doing that sort of thing. I go to a group on Fridays and still see my therapist but I've gone from full time therapy for the last couple of years to one day a week so it's a bit scary but so far it's going okay.

    Keep us posted as to how you get on, your posts on here are always very interesting for me to read.

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    Thanks for the reply. I think it's a tricky transition at the best of times, but the advice I've had is try and get part time work. I think that a lot of people are working part time due to the economy not being in the best of shape.

    I don't know anyone else in my exact position, but I have met older people at my local MIND who want to get into work or go back to work after being ill. I think we're all trying to figure out how to do that.

    I'm doing a 'Keeping well in work' course at MIND in a few weeks.

    Here's their website so you can get idea - I think that we're very lucky having a great local MIND.


    Good luck with the voluntary work - that's what i'm doing too.
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