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Twitter abuse?

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I somehow managed to miss this one from last week on the Beeb:

"The deputy leader of the London Assembly Conservatives has insulted Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes on Twitter. James Cleverly wrote: 'We may be coalition partners but it doesn't stop me thinking Simon Hughes is a dick.' Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat leader in the London Assembly, called the tweet 'juvenile and abusive'. A Conservative spokesman declined to make a comment and Mr Hughes could not be contacted."

For reaction, I think I have to hand over to Obnoxio The Clown at this point. He says the above isn't abuse, and proceeds to give us an example of what might constitute abuse...

"Simon Hughes is an arrogant, overly-entitled cunt with shit for brains and filled to the brim with fucking impractical, statist bullshit ideas. He deserves to meet his end impaled and screaming, followed by the mounting of his fat ugly head on a pike outside the Houses of Parliament as a warning to the other troughing cunts to get their own fucking house in order before trying to tell the rest of us how to live our fucking lives. The cunt."

I'll agree. Storm in a teacup much?


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    I think a lot of people to at least a small extent use twitter as a means of playing the age old game of lets see how popular I can be. Of course it is interesting to see what people have been up to etc, but on the whole I see twitter as an extent of yet another way to make our society even more voyeuristic than it allready is.

    Politicians have no defence of "Oh my mind slipped" as anything you put on the internet in a public domain is never going to be able to be gotten rid of that easily, especially as a politician they should really know better.

    Sometimes it is difficult to decide (as always with politics) if instances are freuden slips or genuinely manufactured to cause media pubicity.

    In this case I think someone voiced their opinion regarding someone they think is a dick, its hardly the worst piece of abuse going, and even though its not right and probly shouldnt have been done and that politics should be cleaner than it is, politics isnt a clean game and I think someone needs to take a man up pill and take a look and see if making comments about such a story like this when it doesnt actually involve them, is justified by the pain they have no right to feel.
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    It is juvenile and it is abusive. I'm sure Simon Hughes is man enough to get through it though.

    I do wonder if people realise that Twitter is a public forum and every time you tweet you are effectively shouting in the street.
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    I'm more concerned by the fact that many of our politicians use that completely pointless website tbh...

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    is Obnoxio the clown just an alter ego of stargalaxy? :p
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    Is Obnoxio The clown just an alter ego of Stargalaxy? :p
    I wish. My swearing is nowhere near as elegant. :p
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