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I need to chill-out, any ideas?

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sounds daft but i have such a short temper around "that time of month" and lasts for like 2 weeks. I'm usually a very laid back person but around that time sometimes any little thing will set me off but then i'll be fine again in 5 minutes. my family laugh it off when i'm really moody but it's really annoying, any ideas on how i should chill out. I'm also a really bad sleeper and was wondering how much sleep a person my age should be having. thanks.


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    Hi sunshineyellow,

    Sorry to hear that you suffer from short temper, moods and disturbed sleep. The one thing that may be able to help with all of the above is exercise. Regular exercise helps to release surplus energy, which may help with your mood and sleep.

    Hope that helps. Take care and keep posting :)
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    when you feel stressed or tense, do something nice for yourself - take a long bath, watch a film, read a book or magazine, go for a walk, eat some nice food... anything that will make you feel better about yourself, which in turn should help you feel calmer. maybe try going to your room alone for a bit when you know that you are going to be snappy with people, until the feeling passes.

    everyone needs different amounts of sleep, depending on their health, lifestyle, exercise levels etc. aim to sleep for around 7-8 hours a night, sometimes you might need more and sometimes you might need less. you might find that you don't need that much and that 6 will be enough. try to have a set bedtime as it will help your body clock get into a routine, and aim to get up at a similar time each morning. if you wake up feeling refreshed then you've had enough sleep.

    i hope you feel better soon :)
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