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What an idiot :/

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I'm feeling so stupid right now, because of one thing i think i heard, im hiding in my room nearly in tears, i think i heard my flatmate and her friends talking about me how weird it was that i just came in, said hi and went to my room. She clearly had her friends over and they were chatting costa (they all work there) so i wasn't going to sit down and start chatting with them.

My confidence is admittedly pretty low at the moment, since i lost my job a couple of weeks ago i've spent so much time just sitting in the flat by myself, or being ignored by my flatmate, everytime im in the livingroom she'll go straight to her room, if it looks like im going to set up in the living room she'll move to hers, which has made me feel too awkward to sit there when shes through there

I feel so unlikable at the moment, it just feels like i seem to be rubbing everyone the wrong way, and i want to and have tried to change, but it doesn't work, i dont know what to do.

I just want to be a nice well liked person, and i do try, i'm a little shy, but i always make an effort to be chatty but i recently i feel rejected by a lot of people when im trying to be nice and get to know people, but it is difficult for me sometimes, especially cause if im already feeling bad about myself im more likely to be more shy, which makes it more difficult to chat to people, which makes me look like a weirdo, which makes me more shy, which makes me seem more weird

Blah i really wish i wasn't such an complete loser


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    I think that there are times when we all feel down, you have lost your job so on top of general life you have that deal with along with the boredom and isolataion that comes from not working its especally hard if as you say you are shy.
    All of these things are bound to make you feel sensitive and vunerable it may just have been an innocent comment perhaps even one of the group felt they were intruding and wanted to make sure they were not forcing you from the room.
    That said i completly understand how you feel i bet we have all had a cry from time to time over similar things.
    I think you should make an effort to get out of the house on these sunny days even if you are sitting in the park reading i bet you will better for it,
    try not to lose touch with your friends you need to make an effort to get out and meet up these are the people who will give you a hug and and make you feel good about life.
    Good luck x
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    *HUGS* you are not a loser!!! you are just havin trouble with your emotions at the moment, and not having a job and stuff must be making you feel really down, i know when i feel down, i def feel more concious of others thoughts of me and stuff (whereas when im happier, i dont think a lot about it)
    Maybe make your flatmate a cup of tea/coffee and saying something like 'man, i'm so tired/down recently' - she might not even realise what you are feeling?
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