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I want a threesome!

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I broke up with my long term girlfriend a month and a half ago, and have just begun dating a boy I have been friends with for 3 years. We have always had sexual chemistry, and the sex is amazing, but after a long monogamous stint, (also with great, but perhaps quite tame sex) I would really like to experiment a bit.

As a bisexual woman, apart from lesbian orgies, :chin: a threesome has always been of interest to me - strictly ffm. I was thinking that this might be a good time to give it a try, I am with a guy I am relaxed, open with and attracted to, but it is not (yet) a serious monogamous relationship. I have broached the subject, and he seemed interested, but not jumping up and down. I do know that he finds two women together attractive though. His main concern was not 'liking' the other girl, although maybe he was just saying that for my benefit...

I do have lots of bi/lesbian friends, but perhaps none that would suit this particular situation. How would I go about finding a lovely lady? I do go to gay places, but my worst nightmare would be being approached by a woman to have sex with her and her 'boyfriend'. Does anyone have similar experience? Or advice? This is something I really want to try, but I need some way of making it happen!!!


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    Surely the third person needs to be someone that you both feel comfortable with , i dont think you can expect one of your friends to just leap into bed with you just because you are both bisexual.
    I guess you need to go out and meet some ladies as a couple and build a relationship , i can't really imagine a threesome could happen as easily as a conventional one night stand.
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