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Been left with leaking sink since Wednesday



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    Hello again everybody,

    Thanks for all your practical tips for this situation.

    Melian - how long do you have left now in your flat?

    Everybody's suggestions (e.g. washing up bowl, anti-bacteria gel etc etc) are great for a short term remedy. However, Melian I understand that some of them are quite impractical. Especially as you do need to wash your hands and food whilst preparing your meals.

    Is there a friend's place you could visit to prepare and have your meals together? After all, you are only going to be there for a few more days, right?

    Have you had a response yet to your email? If not, do you think it would be quicker for you and your flats mates to go to the student support office or the accommodation office in person?

    I hope you will be able to put this problem behind you very soon.

    Please keep us posted on the progress.

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