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Bisexuality and Shame

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I don't know whether this should go in this sub-forum or the sex one, so sorry if it's in the wrong place mods :)

I'm bisexual (well, I'm attracted to both genders, but I think sexuality is too mostly fluid to be contained in a few labels... but that's another discussion for another day) and I've known this since I was around eleven (I'm seventeen). A few close friends of mine know this, as well as two of my exes. I think it's about time to come out to my parents and to my larger social group, but whenever I think about how to initiate a conversation I become really afraid, and also ashamed and guilty. I don't know why this is, I'm not ashamed of who I am or who I'm attracted to, it just happens. I feel terrible and ashamed that I'm ashamed (does that make sense?) Has anyone been in a similar situation?

Please, if anyone has any advice or anything to say at all, do respond, I don't know where else to go :crying:


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    Well, there's shame and guilt for a lot of reasons - most people don't talk to their parents about the details of their sex lives, and then there's the whole thing about you NOT having told them for so long.

    Perhaps see if you can find a bi group near you - despite the "b" in LGBT there can be issues from gay folk about the whole bi thing.
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    Thanks, I have found a center near me and think I might head on over sometime.

    I feel like though what I'm facing is probably common, I'm in a really privileged situation compared to a lot of other LGBT people where I live, since homosexuality has only recently been legalized and is still a huge stigma for a lot of people. I don't want to take away time from other people who could be dealing with more serious issues.

    And yeah, bisexuality isn't really talked about here (India), the focus is mostly on gay and lesbian people, and to an extent transvestites. Don't really know how it would come across.
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