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Kinda Bored...

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So I have been living in London for five years... Finished university off two years ago and have lost touch with almost all of my friends (bar 3).

I spend most evenings down the gym, but weekends are a bore.

In between watching 4oD, reading and working out, I don't do that much... Especially as one mate is studying for exams, the other works in tourism (so often works weekends) and one has a low paying job...

I'm also quite sick of bars and getting drunk. I mean I'm actually finding it boring...

I went to a Buddhist meditation retreat the other week and it was amazing... I mean I really got along with the people there, even though there was at least a ten (and often twenty) year age gap. I met people who shared interests, perspectives and who had done a lot of cool stuff.

However, the weekend made me think a lot about my life and how I'm not really doing much... All I do is work and sleep, with the odd pub visit.

Granted, this is partly because most my cash after paying rent/bills goes on debt. :yeees:

But anyway... My mind is quite blank about what I want to do in my spare time. Work socials often involve going to the pub, plus whilst I like my colleagues I don't really have anything in common with most of them.

I'm a confident and friendly person, but at the moment I just feel like I've hit a wall. It seems most people seem to be broke, or 'settling down' and not doing anything these days... I can't really think about any way to meet new people who might share my interests.

I was thinking of joining a climbing group, or investigating more on meetup.com..

Can anybody relate? Did anybody overcome this?

Maybe I am just a saddo at twenty six :razz: I see my life as just beginning, with opportunities to travel, learn new skills and maybe even go back in to education on the horizon. A lot of people seem to have done it, or settled down.


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    i can totally relate. i am looking into joining a local netball group, volunteering in a scouting group and saving up for horse riding lessons. im am hoping these activities will mean i meet new people and make friends.
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