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Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
hey all,
i stopped coming on here for a while as i started to feel really good..i have changed my antideprassants from citalopram to effexol and i found they workin so much better. I have been on them for nearly 2 months now and now im starting to feel a little bit depressed!
I have split with my girlfriend who i was with for 18 months because it was very destructive, i left her our home and moved back to my parents, slept with somebody else which has now told me she fallen in love with me.. Sounds strange i know and i know these are things that people would not normally complain about lol but i am terrible when it comes to change, and ive made 2 really big changes in my life in the past month and now i feel its all getting on top of me i think!
im not sleeping which means i get stoned every night which then means i sleep til about 2 the next day, im not socialisng anymore, ill just lie in bed thinking about cutting myself just to release away all the stresses!
I feel like im losing my strength very quickly and i really just dont wanna be in the dark hole that i was in again!
I need routine but also need the motivation for that!
I went to see a psychiactric meeting and that was a load of rubbish because he didnt even diagnose me with anything! what does that mean?
I was in the room with him for about 20 mins and i feel like it was a waste of my time! does anybody else feel like the doctors just do not listen or even care?
Thanks for reading my rant lol



  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru

    Hey Cloudyday:) ,

    Sounds like lifes is a bit chaotic at the moment. Youve obviously made a big decision regarding your ex-girlfriend and the aftermath of coping with that and break up itself has been stressful.

    What have been the coping mechanisms you have used in the past when things have got a bit crazy? At this time it may not be bad to go back to these basics rather than stressing about a diagnosis from your psyc.

    Can you talk to your mates about it? Or chat here about it...

    Whichever course of action you take take care of yourself and dont be alone with it. ;)
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    i found writing helped me alot and writing alot of poetry but i dont really seem to have the motivation to so it now or when i do try i get a bit of a mind block and id rather do something else! its like im constantly avoiding everything all the time and not facing the facts ya know.
    I can talk to a very good friend of mine who is always there but i slept with her and now shes told me she loves me which i find now i dont have many to confide in!
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru

    Hey Cloudyday:wave: ,

    From what youve mentioned earlier it sounds like you know what you want in part which is not to go back to the darkside of self harming and smoking cannabis.

    If writing isnt doing it for you at the moment, what other ways do you cope or would you like to try?

    You mentioned facing the facts...what does that mean for you?

    have you any teachers or a parent you can chat too?

    Take care and keep posting
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