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Live chat with Derek Wyatt MP, Tues 9th March



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    Indeed. The outrage you have about the MP's expenses scandal SG, and then you say you're thinking of becoming a member of the church that has given us the mother of all scandals?
    I'll write more about my potential conversion soon enough. I'm still mulling over a few things, and I'm sure you'll live.

    As for the child abuse scandal, I think the reaction of the Pope to it has been absolutely pathetic. Since I've moved here to Ireland, I've met a lot of Catholics and they are just as disgusted by what's happened as you are. They're also fuming about the closing of ranks within the Catholic Church on the issue. Catholics normally seem hesitant to criticise the Pope on these things, but this is one issue where they really aren't holding back. It's the ultimate breach of trust and I think the church has to go much, much further in order to deal with this.

    But I don't sense that people are going to leave the church en masse because of this - at least not yet. That depends on whether those in the upper echelons show some leadership. Otherwise, "we'll have no religion to save at all". Not my words, but those of a local priest!
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    Meant to let you know last week but the transcript from the chat is now up here:

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