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bhang / bhang lassi

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ever had it?!


I had it on its own and ate it, and also had it in several different drinks when i was in india.
Cant say my reaction to it was so great - wouldnt hit me for ages, and when it did I was usually in bed and it would make me paranoid that I was dying. I literally lay in bed crying my eyes out because i was convinced that my organs were shutting down and i would die in my sleep.
needless to say I kinda stayed off it after that point!

Ive never had that kindve reaction when i smoke weed normally, so it must be the other ingredients that go in the bhang that make me go like this.

to people whove had it, what didja think? :)


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    There is a big difference between how the body processes the two active ingredients in Cannabis (THC - the trippy bit; and CBD - the more depressive, sleepy bit).

    When you smoke you typically get around 60% of the THC in the Cannabis (these are gross estimates but it is significantly less than eating). When you eat it you're getting up to around 100% AND your body processes it differently - metabolising the THC into something called Delta-9-THC which is far more psychotropic.

    Large doses of Cannabis are known to bring on panic attacks, feelings of fear and yes, fear of death (common ones are 'my heart is going to stop' or 'I'm going to have a brain tumour/embolism and die'). What is happening is that your 'fight or flight' response is being stimulated, as well as that part of the nervous system which responds to real situations in which there is significant danger (for example; people who have heart attacks experience an 'immense sense of impending doom' when it comes on HOWEVER this is also attended by immense pain in the chest, jaw and left arm which you clearly weren't experiencing).

    It's fucking terrifying - I had to stop smoking because of it. It seems that certain people are predisposed to anxious responses to high doses of cannabis more than others.

    The best thing is to know yourself, and if this is the effect that eating it is giving you, I'd steer clear. Also if you have any history of anxiety or mental illness relation to depression or schizophrenia you should think very carefully about any drug use.

    Take care.
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