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Celts Survey

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We are Femke and Zerline, two 18-year old Dutch students who are writing a paper about the Celts and their influence on contemporary Irish and British culture. Because we want to get to know about how Irish and British people think about the Celts and their influence on modern day society, we would appreciate it much if you would take the time to answer our questions. Our survey was originally intended for people of different ages, hence the seventh question.
Thanks for helping us out!

1. In your opinion, who were and/or are the Celts?
2. In your everyday life, do you notice much about the heritage of the Celts, and if so, would you tell something about that? Think of music, names, stories, etc.
3. Do you think the Celts have had any influence on society, and why?
4. Do you think there is a mania about the Celts and that what we now see as typical Celtic, is just a fairytale? Why do or don’t you think this?
5. Do you, as an inhabitant of Britain, feel you are a Celt yourself, or do you feel connected to the Celts in any way? Maybe you think that British people are only descendent from the Celts, but have nothing in common?
6. Do you know about any sagas that are expressed in folk songs? If so, could you name the songs and if you know any, musicians that play them? Also, if it’s not too much trouble, could you tell a bit about the saga?
7. Have you lived in a time society thought different of the Celts than today? If so, how do you think about the change? If not, can you tell how you think people used to think about the Celts, and what do you think about the change?

Thank you for taking part in this survey!

Femke and Zerline


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    Hiya Femke, Zerline,

    First thing you probably want to know is that we Celts tend to like people to follow the rules and ask permission before posting surveys.

    I'll give you a pass and leave it up, but please don't post something similar again.
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